How Many Monster Energy Drinks Can You Drink Before You Get Sick How Many Monster Energy Drinks Can I Have Before Its Really Unhealthy?

How many Monster energy drinks can I have before its really unhealthy? - how many monster energy drinks can you drink before you get sick

I have not really slept in the last 48 hours. I have only 2 hours sleep last night, and I) need child care to 6 hours per day (night and I have to stay awake the whole time. I bought a pack of 4 Monster energy drinks for me and I drank 3 to now. Is this healthy for my body or fine me? I am 17 years old and you get an idea of my age.


Sereni... said...

They say they consume no more than 3 to the right on the package!
And I suggest you sleep, instead of playing on caffinated beverages further.

Kiana said...

Well, I think that if you are on the 5-6, started with heart palpitations and other things. Is probably okay if you think it's four fields, but there is really no substitute for sleep. If you can not avoid, will not hurt a moderate amount of monsters.

Master of Pupets said...

Firstly you. SLEEP. NOW. 2. If you have more than 1 in 24 hours. "Time S. explosion your heart. I had to consult a doctor before this mess is a little bit. This material human drugs, why we love em so well. And if you drink more of these things, go for the kind Suger Free. (not so bad).

Lauren S said...

I think its a ******* idiot. I mean, why do yourself. is sooooo stupid. You're probably also afraid of cockroaches what?


bro get some sleep and go together with friends fagass stupid

love ya


outdoor chic said...

One is too much. These things are full of sugar and other things that is really bad for your body.

maggie said...

This is very unhealthy 12 teaspoons of sugar in each box. Drink that could happen.

crunka said...

Taurine had no effect on the energy levels for your information
See caffeine

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